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How do I setup Microsoft TEAMS?

Teams can be accessed online or through an application on your local machine


Accessing TEAMS through a browser:


  • Login with your NetID in order the access the Aggie Account Gateway Portal

  • Once you are logged in you will see a bar as shown above, please click on the icon which says “TEAMS”


Downloading the Teams Application:


  • Once you go to the link above, a window like the one displayed below will appear
  • Click “Download TEAMS”

  • Launch the TEAMS Application on your computer and log in with your TAMU email (

  • Once you are in TEAMS, you may click the “TEAMS” option on the left side bar and a page like the one shown above will appear
  • You may create a team and add people or you can join a team if you have the team code


Creating a Team:

  • In order to create a team, click on “Create a Team”. A window like the shown below will appear

  • Enter the team name, description and then hit “Next”

  • The window on top will appear after, and here you can add group members by typing their names/net-ids


Private chat:

  • For private chat, click the “Chat” button on the left bar and the window above will appear


Additional Resources: